A team of engineering students at Newstead Wood School building an electrically powered car


We are Viridity, a team of young aspiring engineers from Newstead Wood School.

We have entered into the Greenpower Challenge, a competition for students with an interest in engineering. The aim is to design and build an electric car, to race at the end of the year in the national finals.

We have entered into the Formula 24 category. This is for students between the ages of 11 and 16. Formula 24 requires teams to drive their cars in endurance races which are four hours long at some of the best motorsport venues in the UK. The aim is to find the cars that travel the furthest distance in the four hours. The cars that travel the furthest in the heats will then compete in the national final in October at Goodwood Motor Circuit for another four hour race.

Greenpower also has a Formula 24+ category for students between the ages of 16 and 25. The concept of designing and building an electric car is the same. However the races are a shorter duration of 1.5 hours. The cars that enter drive much faster in Formula 24+ than in Formula 24. We plan on submitting a car into the Formula 24+ category in the future, once we have built a new car.

This our third year participating in the Greenpower Challenge. In our first year we placed 19th out of 179 teams nationally and succeeded in attaining the “best newcomer” award. In our second year during the race we encountered a damaged tire which set us back in the race and resulted in us placing 47th of 188.

Our current car can reach a speed of 30km/h. This is achieved by one 24 volt, 240watt, DC electric motor which runs off two 12V Batteries.

This year we are making modifications to our existing car to improve its performance as well as building a new car. This will require some funding for the purchasing of new parts and materials, so we would greatly appreciate any contributions. We have already received help from our current sponsors; National Rail, BMW, RP Martin Brokers. If you are interested in sponsoring us, please send us an email at We would be very grateful for any contributions towards our project.

Our team comprises of students from years 10- 12 (ages 14-17) with several team members currently taking the engineering diploma. We also receive a lot of help and support from our link engineer Peter Fagg. Peter is an engineer for National Rail, who generously gives up his time, to attend our weekly meetings. Peter has been our mentor for several years and has helped to encourage many students at Newstead to get involved with engineering.

Goodwood Final 2012: 




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