A team of engineering students at Newstead Wood School building an electrically powered car

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The Greenpower Trust is an organisation which was set up to inspire young engineers all over the country to design, build and race eco-friendly electric cars against other teams from all over the UK. 


Greenpower hosts many different competitions for people of all ages. This year we plan on entering  the Formula 24 category for students aged 11-16 . The whole challenge is based on endurance; each race is four hours long and each car has to run off just 6 twelve-volt batteries-each car needs 2 batteries at one time. The aim of each race is to go the longest distance, with every team exceeding 80 miles going through to the final. In the future we plan on also entering the Formula 24+ category for ages 16+. The concept of building an electric car is the same, but the races are shorter, with a duration of 2 hours and the speeds of the cars tend to be faster.


For more information please visit the greenpower website:


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