A team of engineering students at Newstead Wood School building an electrically powered car


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Steering Parts

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Many thanks to the University of Kent for manufacturing parts for our car's steering.


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Thank you everyone that visited us at the Science Museum, we hope you had as much fun as we did! You can view some of the images taken in our Photo section

Science Museum -last day!

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Today is our last day exhibiting at the Science Museum in London, but its still isn't too late to meet us!

Alternatively you could have a look at our blog for the Science Museum:

Science Museum

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Tomorrow Viridity will be at the Science Museum in London! Come and meet us, see our car in real life and participate in our fun activities.


Viridity at the Science Museum!

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What's on at the Science Museum in 2013:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

High Performance: breaking barriers of technology and society (FREE) - 8-10 March

At this Antenna Live three-day festival the Science Museum hosts guests from Greenpower Educational Trust and Virdity GRT, Cambridge University Eco-Racing and Shell Motorsport demonstrating an electric kit car and the latest World Solar Challenge car.

Viridity will be at the science museum with our car and equipment, giving interactive talks to visitors. So please come along and meet us!

Plans for the future!

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This year we plan on submitting 2 cars into the finals! So we intend to build a new car, completely from scratch. As well as this we will be working on our existing car to improve it. We hope to change the electronics, steering and bodywork of our existing car. Obviously all of this will require funding, so if you are interested in sponsoring us then please contact us.

Racing Update

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We've had a busy few weeks. On Sunday 23rd September we raced at one of the qualifying heats at Dunsfold race track (the Top Gear race track), this made us qualify for the final which was 3 weeks later, on Sunday 14th October.

Last weekend the Greenpower National final took place at Goodwood race track. 75 teams took part in the race. We had a reasonably good start and about half way through the race had made our way into the top 30.  However, shortly after, whilst racing, the tire was damaged so we were forced to leave the race for a while, in order to repair the damage to our car. Unfortunately we lost 30 minutes of valuable raceing time, so by the time we returned to the race, our car was placed around 60th (out of 75 cars). We managed to gain a few places in the remaining time, and by the end of the race we placed 47th out of 75 cars. Although this result was quite dissapointing, especially since last year we came 19th and we know we could have achieved the same this year, the event that took place was unavoidable. Even though we weren't as successful as we had hoped, the race was a wonderful experience for us. Driving the car was incredibly fun and made all the work we had done to the car throughout the year worthwhile.


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In today's session, we created a temporary trolly to transport our car (since all the lifting was a potential hazard for our backs!!!). We have also repainted some of the bodywork of our car (made from blue foam) in order to identify any flaws that need correcting, to give a smooth finish. We have completed fitting the more aerodynamic bars and they have been welded to the chasis. We also repaired the tires on the wheels and have re-attached the wheels to the car.

Viridity GRT Update- February 2012

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Hello and a Happy New Year’s from Viridity GRT.  We would like to officially welcome this year’s team of 10 and 11 girls and kick off the season with an update on our progress!


Plans for the car

Along with a new team we have many new innovative ideas to change the car. First and foremost, the aim for this year’s car is to be more aero-dynamic. We plan on achieving this through many alterations:

• Carbon fibre bodywork – which will cut down on weight and even out air flow over the car

• Add a tail extension – in order to reduce drag on the car and hopefully allow us to increase motor efficiency. This should effectively work alongside a new motor cooling system and increase speed.

• Design a stronger roll bar

• Alter the steering mechanism – to make it less jumpy and more responsive. Hopefully this will give us the edge over some of the more agile cars

So far we have started work on the roll bar and the motor cooling system both of which are going well.


Plans for the team

A new team deserves a new uniform, so we are looking for funding in order to purchase suits as good as those used last year. After all, we have to look the part!

As well as this, a hugely important task for the team is to perfect our pit stops.

Ideally we want to reduce our time to 30 seconds which would be a new team record, and we’re sure with lots of practice we can manage it!


Plans for the race

The team placed 19th out of 150 teams nationally in last year’s final. This was an amazing achievement; however we aim to smash it this year! Through all of our alterations and preparation, we assure you it is possible.

To help us out on race day, we are planning on improving our intercom system, so that communications between the driver and the pits are as good as possible. We have also purchased a black box so that we can analyse the cars performance and battery situation throughout the race. 


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